Match Schedule

2021-01-26Theater ShootoutSeated - Diminished Lighting - 6 rnds 
2021-02-02Theater ShootoutSeated - Diminished Lighting - 8 rnds 
2021-02-09Barricade6 rnds 
2021-02-16Barricade 9 rnds 
2021-02-23Pass the Ammo 
2021-02-23Pass the Ammo 
2021-03-02Kyle Lamb's Faster Drill 
2021-03-09Kyle Lamb's Faster DrillReloads 
2021-03-16Plates with Orange Dots 
2021-03-23Plates with Orange DotsReloads 
2021-03-30Pass the Ammo 
2021-04-06Pass the Ammo 
2021-04-13Rule #4 
2021-04-20Rule #4 
2021-04-27Mall ShootingReloads Optional 
2021-05-04Mall ShootingReloads Optional 
2021-05-11Theater Shootout 
2021-05-18Theater Shootout 
2021-05-25Rimfire Baseball 
2021-06-01Rimfire Baseball 
2021-06-08Pass the Ammo 
2021-06-15Pass the Ammo 
2021-06-22Strong Hand - Weak Hand 
2021-06-29Strong Hand - Weak Hand 
2021-07-06Vice Prez 
2021-07-13Vice Prez